Hypocritical Resolution

the grizzle grist mill

I don’t usually post anything on Fridays other than the New Angle game, but in light of last night’s tragedy, my heart is heavy today, and my pen longs to bleed…

They scream that their lives matter and demand justice for the death of their brothers; yet, they react in hypocrisy as they steal the lives of the very men sworn to protect them. Your life doesn’t carry significance simply because of its tone or contrast. The value of your life is just that: because you are a living, breathing humanbeing. The lives that were slaughtered near the midnight hour on July 7 were not lives of value because of their skin color, and they were not wielding swords to kill their assassins. They did not throw fiery darts just before the bullets pierced their skin.

No, these men and women were standing watch on a wall. Sworn…

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