Was Your Name by Accident?



Each of us has been given a name by our parents; some before birth, some after. I have often wondered why a certain name was given. Was it chosen because of an ancestor, an entertainer Mama liked, or just something that popped into Mama and Daddy’s head?

As it turns out each name has a a hidden meaning, a deeper Biblical meaning. Here are some of the more common names we have been given according to the book, “What’s in a Name?” by Linda Francis, John Hartzel, and Al Palmquist.

Name                                                     Literal Meaning                          Godly Characteristic

Adam                                                   A man of the earth                       God’s creation

Adeline                                                Nobleness                                      Woman of Esteem

Adrian                                                 “Black earth” – Latin                    Creative Heart

Al                                                          Cheerful                                         Cheerful one

Alice                                                     Truthful one                                  Truth

Amanda                                               Worthy of Love                             Beloved

Anne                                                     Gracious one                                 Gracious one

April                                                     Opening; Born in April                New in Faith

Arthur                                                  Noble one or Bear man                Man of Integrity

Benjamin                                             Son of the right hand                   Favored son

Carol                                                     Womanly; Song                             Song of joy

Charlotte                                              Little womanly one                      Full of Grace

Cheryl                                                   The epitome of femininity          Womanly

Daniel                                                   God is my judge                             God is Judge

David                                                     Beloved one                                    Beloved

Debra                                                    The bee                                            Seeking one

Diane                                                     Divine one                                     In God’s glory

Elizabeth                                              Consecrated to God                      Consecrated one

Ellen                                                      Bright one                                      Bright one

Frank                                                     Free man                                       Living in freedom

Gregory                                                 Watchman; watchful one          Watchful one

Jack                                                        The supplanter                            Truthful

John                                                       God is gracious                            God’s gracious gift

Judy                                                        Praised of God                             Praised of God

Kay                                                          Pure one                                        Pure one

Kristi                                                      Christian                                        Follower of Christ

Linda                                                      Pretty one                                      Beauty

Margaret                                                A pearl                                           A pearl

Martha                                                   A lady                                             Woman of discretion

Mary                                                       Myrrh                                             Living fragrance

Mia                                                         Mine                                               Belonging to God

Nancy                                                     Grace                                              Gracious one

Paul                                                        Little                                              Dependent on God

Peter                                                       Rock                                              Strong in Spirit

Robert                                                   Shining with fame                       Excellent worth

Ruth                                                       Compassionate. Beautiful         Compassionate

Sharon                                                   A princess                                    A princess

Stan                                                        Dweller at the Rocky Meadow   Sturdy spirit

Steve                                                       Crowned one                               Crowned one

Sue & Susan                                         Lily or graceful Lily                     Full of grace

Teresa                                                   Reaper                                            Industrious

Thomas                                                 A twin                                             Seeker of truth

Vanessa                                              No literal meaning                         Walks with God

Wanda                                                 Wanderer                                         Walks with God

Wayne                                                  Wagoner or wagonmaker             Lifter of cares

William                                                 Resolute protector                        Great protector

Zachary                                                 Jehovah has remembered           The Lord remembers


I’m sorry if your name isn’t here. Too many to list. Just put it in the comment section and I’ll look it up.




Blessings to you.


9 thoughts on “Was Your Name by Accident?

  1. The True Light!

    This one is fun and entertaining, Sue! Enjoy your day…

    “The crowned one” Lol…


  2. Very True Sue, Names are important, Anne, Anna , Annie etc all come from the Hebrew Name Hannah and yes it does mean Grace as your Name does too.

    I would like to also add Sue, what I also see in you is Faithfulness to God and to the Body of Christ, you stand firm on His Truth and also seek to uplift and encourage us as His Children, I’m so Thankful our paths crossed.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    • Thank you so much Anne. If you read my book, “Laying Down my Net” you would see how true your words are. Do you live in the U.S.? If so, I would be happy to send you one as my gift if you would like and e-mail me your address. elah501c@bellsouth.net I do not share personal info. so be assured your address will be private.


      • I live in Queensland Australia Sue but Thank you for your kindness in wanting to send me your book and also for what you share about the happenings in the U.S.A but mostly when you share your own heart focus and for this I respect you greatly.

        Blessings – Anne.


  3. Thank you Anne. I’m sorry but it’s just way too expensive and red tape to be able to send a book out of the country. If you get Amazon.com it can be ordered through them. It’s worth the read. 🙂 I really appreciate your kind thoughts and words. Thank you again.


    • I didn’t expect you to send your book to me Sue, I know how expensive the postage is to and from America but I thought it was very kind that you wanted to if I had lived in the U.S.A.

      God asks us who will contend with Him against Evil and I appreciate very much that you do Sue and I’m sure your Book would reflect this and with His Truth that is confirmed in Scripture.

      Blessings – Anne.


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