No Man Shall Withstand My Power.

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“The Lord God Almighty, Holy is His Name. King of kings and Lord of lords His Name shall last forever. Bow before Him all ye in worship and praise for He is above all gods.  There is none above Him. Holy, holy, holy, is His Majesty on High.

All the world is at His feet. All bow before Him. Let ye nations come to Him in humble submission. Bow your heads in shame for your demise is soon to come.

The rivers shall dry, the seas recede. The heavens open and all hell shall bow in humble adoration for His presence shall bring you to your knees.

Let not the serpent cast his spell for all will see the end of time. His teeth marks shall leave their marks yet those who believe will have the nail marks upon their hearts.

No man can withstand My power. No man shall…

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4 thoughts on “No Man Shall Withstand My Power.

  1. Sunshine Quotes

    The world has always been an evil place. But we are ever closer to the end of all things with each passing day. It’s been that way for a long time…


    • Yes we are indeed getting closer and closer to the Lord’s return. In all my years, and I’m elderly, I have never seen evil like it is today. Come Lord Jesus, come. Thank you for stopping by and adding a comment. I appreciate the thoughts of others.

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      • Sunshine Quotes

        It may be that you are right, Sue. But we must remember that back in Genesis 6, we were told that the thoughts of man were only to do evil, which led to the flood! It must have been an awful world to live in back then.

        We are getting closer to the end however, if by nothing else but time passing by each day, that’s for sure.


  2. I’m sure that was an awful world back then but I didn’t have to experience it. This I do and I sure don’t like it and it’s only going to get worse. Sorry, that’s not a very cheery thought but the Lord is good and continues to bless those of us that are in Him. Praise God.


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