Chris Sizemore, “Three Faces of Eve” Dies

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Chris Sizemore, multiple personality disorder patient – obituary

  • August 28th, 2016

Chris Sizemore, who has died 89, was the subject – under an assumed name – of the bestselling psychiatric study The Three Faces of Eve, which documented her treatment for multiple-personality disorder and became a 1957 film starring Joanne Woodward.

Chris Sizemore’s story had come to public notice while she was under the care of psychiatrists Corbett Thigpen and Hervey Cleckley in Augusta, Georgia. She had been referred to them suffering from blinding headaches, accompanied by blackouts and erratic behaviour. She also confessed to hearing a voice which taunted her about her husband.

Initially, the doctors had put her symptoms down to the stress of raising a family. Several months into therapy, however, a completely different personality emerged, as brazen as Chris Sizemore’s other self was demure. Thigpen and Cleckley dubbed this provocative self “Eve Black”, while the dominant…

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