Have Your Lanterns Lit

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“Rolling thunder, streaks of lightning, darkness falling over the land of the living. Wars, pestilence, factions of terror and doom. He who is the Mighty One shall appear in the heavens to call home the righteous. Those who fall by the way side will have no second chance. For they have fallen in the spell of the evil one. Their lives lived for waste.

Warring factions in the sky, warriors with swords drawn, fight for renewal of the kingdom for One shall win, the other lose.

Take heed children of God for the time is near. Take up your swords as the army of God for you are His soldiers. March to the tune of His amazing grace for He sees your deeds. Forgive those who do you wrong. Repent for your ill deeds.

He who rules the heavens and earth is coming in a blink of an eye. Have…

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