Rejoice for the Lord is Near

“Come all ye who fear the Lord. Rejoice in all He has for you. Heaven and earth shall shake and roll, rejoice for the Lord is near. Call out to God for His mercy and grace, repent of all your deeds. Those forgotten are covered in grace. Those remembered are remembered no more.

Speak truth to all, do not compromise for those who are deaf. For they care not for your words. Woe be to those who turn a deaf ear for their Salvation is lost and those who speak are magnified in heaven.

Take up your swords, put on your armor for the battle of all battles is near. The sun shall set over all the land and darkness will engulf. Yet the Light of the world will sound the trumpet and all knees will bow.

Let the earth rejoice, let the people sing. Dance O’ children of God for your joy is in the Lord. Let not your troubles hinder your ways for your path if before you. Stand tall in adversity for it is only a moment. A moment in time is as the whirlwind on the desert floor. Here, then gone, with only the clarity above as blue skies cross the horizon.

Make haste O’ children of God, repent, forgive, so that your transgressions are not held against you. The Mighty One desires your heart, soul, and mind. Set aside those inconsequential matters for they are of no use in the kingdom of God. Unity among My people puts aside all that is not eternal. Unite O’ loved ones for heavens rejoice.The King is coming and let not the blemishes of time hinder your way.

Look up, look up, O’ children of God, for your destiny is near. Call the guards of the gates to open its doors, put aside your differences and unite in Him who brings forth life.”

By the Holy Spirit – 8-28-06

Scripture ref’s: Mk. 9:35 – Joel 2:7-9 – 1Chr. 16:10  Ps. 10:53  Lk. 21:28

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