7 thoughts on “Please Explain…

  1. Perhaps they feel Sue they are making a stand for the Truth now but your reaction to their actions would be the Norm, Destruction, Rioting, Violence never achieves it’s goal.

    Yes Jesus got the whip out but His Anger was Righteous not self orientated, the same as God flooding the Earth was Loving and Merciful, we would not be here if He hadn’t and He knew our Name before we were even Conceived and He wanted our Fellowship Eternally.

    Blessings – Anne.


    • Their actions are displaying what’s in their hearts and it isn’t pretty. They are accomplishing nothing. Violence is not going to change the past. Plus many of these demonstrator’s are being paid $25.00 an hour to create the violence. 😦 Satan is alive and very, very busy.


  2. Well of course it changes nothing


  3. Because they do not know the truth about the history they will tend to react to a lie about history, therefore hate and fear take root and grow.


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