Update on The Darkness Of The Carnal Flesh


Australia has now voted “Yes” for Same Sex Marriage, this did not surprise me as Jesus said that in the End Times it would be as it was in Noah’s Time, sadly we see the Signs all around us today, Evil is increasing .

Why do I not condone Homosexuality, for a complete explanation please see my link below, it may surprise you and there is another link on the Post that gives the full picture but to condense here…This is my Heart Focus…..

God Said it!

I Believe it!

That Settles it!

But even if I didn’t want to Believe it!

It would Still be Settled! 

Why does God  tell us Homosexuality is evil because He knows the Suffering, Heartache and Death that it causes and He seeks to Protect us.

Where does Aids come from? it has now been proven Medically not to be a Virus….

Romans 1:26-27…

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2 thoughts on “Update on The Darkness Of The Carnal Flesh

  1. Thank you for sharing my Message Sue on the danger of Homosexuality which is indeed a very Controversial Subject today. Thank you also for always taking a firm Stand against Evil, I commend you very much for your Godly Focus, some just look the other way.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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