You Can’t Legislate Evil!

The news is filled with the tragedy recently at the high school in Florida. My heart cries for the children and the parents and loved ones of those who were killed and hurt. I pray for our Lord’s comfort for them and that He’ll wrap them in His loving arms and love on them.

The other part of the news that flies across the t.v. screen is gun control. I understand the liberals/globalists hidden agenda, if it is actually hidden, of wanting to disarm Americans.

What I don’t understand is how can they think that removing a particular gun from society will stop the evil intent of others. Don’t they know, or are they just stupid, that you cannot legislate evil away!

More than 3,000 innocent people died by airplanes being flown into buildings on 9-11. Do we then hold Boeing or Lockheed responsible or do we hold the evil within the Muslims that did it responsible?

Ford Motor Company, Chevrolet, G.M.C. – all manufacturers of  vehicles. Someone gets behind the wheel and drives 70 m.p.h. into a street filled with innocent people killing many and injuring more. Do we hold Ford Motor Company or whatever manufacturer made the car that was driven responsible or do we hold the crazed driver responsible?

The other part of the news is now screaming bloody murder blaming the NRA for the killings of innocent children. That’s no different than blaming the airplanes or vehicles! How dumb!

Why is the NRA being so viciously attacked when it was the pure and simple evil mind of a man who pulled the trigger? I can’t help but wonder if the liberals/globalists would be satisfied if they can get the AR-15 ban, and then what happens when the next mass shooting is done with a colt 45, a shotgun, a rifle or some other guns? Of course they will want to ban whatever was used and the plot continues to rid innocent people from protecting themselves from those with evil intent.

Wake up people, the guns are only dangerous in the wrong hands and the wrong hands would be the government owning them and not the law-abiding citizens.

More murders are committed with knives than guns. So we better ban those, too. What about victims that are strangled with bare hands? Do we cut off everyone’s hands? That may seem ridiculous to you, which it is, but no more ridiculous than banning a gun that can be leaned against a wall and harms absolutely no one until someone picks it up and with evil in their mind takes it out and starts killing people.

WE CANNOT LEGISLATE EVIL AWAY! The government can pass bills and laws until the ink runs dry and it will NOT stop the people with evil in their heart. Until evil is eradicated from this earth the evil will continue. That will not happen until people’s hearts is changed and we turn back to God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

We live in an evil world and innocent people must be able to defend themselves against that evil and the liberals and globalists who want to disarm us.

My other prayer is that our government leaders get off the back of the NRA and get on the backs of the murderous hands that are slaughtering millions of innocent babies for profit. If there are any hands to be severed it would be those!

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