Let Them March

Thousands of students came together in their grief and feelings of loss for those killed in the recent school shooting in Florida. In their pain they have been taken advantage of by political agenda’s that will only bring more pain and suffering to those who will be deprived of being able to protect their families, businesses, and schools if what the political agenda is wanting is passed – more gun control laws.  Even Jesus Christ abdicated defending self and others from criminals! (See Luke 22:36)

I find it reprehensible that these young people’s grief and loss is being used and manipulated for something that is the American peoples God-given and constitutional rights – to bear arms.

Yes, I agree, let their voices be heard, but in a productive and worth while cause. They’re claiming enough is enough of children being  murdered. I agree, but Gun control laws do not stop criminals from doing what the evil in their hearts dictate. Laws are for the abiding citizens. Criminals ignore laws!  More gun control laws will NOT stop school shootings, home invasions, armed robberies, rapes, and murder! We live in an evil world and laws will not stop that.

If these thousands of grieving and angry students want to stop the killing of children then march on D.C. and around the country and protest the millions of innocent children being deliberately murdered, butchered, and sold for profit every hour, every day, around the clock…

then they would be saving lives!

(actual picture of aborted baby)

Planned Parenthood is promoting weekend anti-gun march because it wants to “save children’s lives.” 

What hypocrisy!!!!

Educate these thousands of students about abortion, what happens during an abortion, show them abortion videos and the real horror. Let them see a child in the womb screaming in silence as they are being ripped apart and a price tag placed on their brain, liver, and heart. Wake them up to truth and let them march against that!

Then Christ will smile on America again.



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