“The Narrow Road” – Book Reviews

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Sue Cass is a woman of profound faith. In The Narrow Road she shares the story of her life and her husband’s, taking us along on a spiritual journey.
Sue’s husband, Brian, must cope with abandonment as a child, rejection, loneliness, and anger. Sue carries the scars of childhood abuse. With God’s help, they learn to trust one another and Him.
The Narrow Road is more than a warm and inspiring story. It is a powerful statement of faith. I recommend this book to all those struggling with issues of faith and trust.
Anna Waldherr –
Author – The Rose Garden
Sue’s unfolding story continues to captivate! Her husband’s struggles with abandonment and doubt. Her journey of struggle, then salvation, healing, and restoration is complimented well in this latest work.
What a joy and a journey as we experience in her, and with her and her husband, the wonderful grace, growth, and maturity that only God can provide. Can’t wait for the next chapters to unfold!
Steve Wood, Lead Pastor –
Mount Pisgah, U.M.C. Johns Creek, Ga.
In the deepest recesses of every heart is the innate desire for a deep, unconditional love. However, that same heart is often disappointed by life experiences such as brokenness, loss, and rejection. The Narrow Road captivates from the beginning with a soul-stirring account of Brian who has experienced significant loss and tragedy in his life. As he navigates circumstances, your heart will leap (as mine did) as remnants of his story unfolds and resembles those of the ones around us. At the heart of it all is our Heavenly Father is the One who can transform the hurt and despair that we’ve felt to redemption and acceptance in Jesus. A story of unwavering grace, love, and hope, The Narrow Road leads us straight to the One offers promise and encouragement to us all. A must read!
Angel B. Pennyman
Experience His Freedom Ministries Founder
The Narrow Road is a story of two people searching for answers..Brian abandoned by his parents at a very young age and Sue’s painful childhood of abuse. The story is Brian & Sue, coming to terms with their pasts and their own faith in growing acceptance. Ultimately through friends they are brought together and grow into a loving relationship resulting in their union of marriage.  Sue through her pain, trials and relationship with Christ has helped others overcome their pain from abuse and gain love and understanding along their journey of healing. She has found a relationship with Christ that has led her in healing not only for herself, but for so many others who needed her in their healing as well. Sue has found that “happy ever after” in her relationship with Christ and obedience to Him.
The Narrow Road is an awesome read..one that I fully enjoyed reading and would highly recommend.
Judy Brooks – California
The Narrow Road is a well-written book that will make you laugh, possibly shed a tear, and it will make you think – as well as rejoice. Regardless of our situation in life, there is always hope; when that hope is placed in Jesus Christ.
The Narrow Road is a must read story based on actual events. This is a gripping, passionate, and intense story of a young boy abandoned by his parents – resulting in tremendous heartache. “Brian’s” story is a story of painful trials, many questions and self-doubts. As Brian matures into a man and lives life on his own, he faces many setbacks and challenges – while at the same time meeting supportive and caring people who support and guide him through a sometimes-painful journey. This is a story of love, of meeting a loving God and trusting in Jesus to bring healing and hope.
In the second half of this book, Sue deals with life as a newly minted Christian after accepting Jesus. Sue’s story is a story of courage, of not giving up when the going gets rough. Sue’s new reality of being a brand new Christian with many questions is not only a great story, but also a guide for the rest of us. Whether one is a new Christian, or someone who has known Jesus for some time – Sue’s story and insights are a great help and comfort.
I highly recommend this book; Sue Cass has outdone herself yet again. I read this book in one day! If you are looking for encouragement, a great story,  a “God” story – or maybe a true story of love that includes Jesus Christ – you will find it all in this story.
Greg Holt –
Editor and Publisher of The Olive Branch Report and Inspirational Christian Blogs
The Narrow Road is so well written that I felt the pain that “Brian” felt and the trials and tribulations that both he and Sue went through in learning that Christ is faithful to guide and take care of His children. What an awesome testimony of faith and courage! I couldn’t put it down even though my eyes filled with tears at times and other times I laughed until my ribs hurt. I highly recommend this fantastic true story.
Carolyn D. – A Fan
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