The Trumpet

The moon shines brightly in one part of the land and in another the sun is shining brightly on a beautiful summer day. In one part of the world the workers are in their fields and the other side of the world all sleep, except those with the night shift and those who prowl about.

Some are going about their day without a care in the world. Some have many thoughts and dreams skittering through their minds as they sleep in their beds. Women are snuggled close to their husbands, children cling to their teddy bears, and some are huddled in doorways.

As the sun lowers in the skies, the moon rises. On the other side, the moon fades in the distance and the sun creeps up in its place. The day and the night are on schedule when the clouds separate. A blast of an angel’s horn fills the air and a white steed tramples the clouds as it makes its way across the heavens.

Cars are speeding down the highways, airplanes are scooting across the sky, trains are on their tracks filled with sleeping people. No one seems to notice that all of heaven has begun to shake. Oh, a few stop, listen, and then go about their business.

Then it happens.

Planes suddenly fall from the sky, cars run off the road, trains leave their tracks and the thunder of hooves fills the air. People have suddenly left their beds, their homes, their fields, their offices, while others stand gaping at the sky as they watch loved ones filling the air.

The prayers of the saints have been heard.

“Come Lord Jesus, come,” has been answered.


(Sue’s version) “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.” 1Thessalonians 4:16


There are many who do not believe in the church being caught up in the air with our Lord and Savior. They use the excuse that “Rapture” is not in the Bible. On that point they are right. The word, “rapture” is not in the Bible but doesn’t, “caught up in the air” constitute the same thing? Throughout the Bible there are many references about heaven and hell. If there were no heaven then why bother to be saved? Why give our life to Jesus Christ if our only hope is a cold grave? Not only that, but He said He is making a place for us, the children of God. (John 14:3) I heard a pastor say on his program in reference to Jesus’ return, “planes falling from the sky and cars with no driver’s, is poppy-cock! That is just silly teaching.” My question is, will all humanity, worldwide, day or night, be in their beds asleep when Jesus comes back for His church? We are to be waiting and watching for the Lord’s return. We are to be praying, reading our Bibles, serving the Lord in whatever He calls us to do, and to be ready spiritually to meet our Savior in a blink of an eye. Get ready, Jesus is coming back. Hallelujah and Amen.






6 thoughts on “The Trumpet

  1. Hi Sue! I haven’t see you around much. How are you?


    • Hi Wally. I’m doing ok. Just haven’t had much to say. 🙂 Plus I had gum surgery a week ago. I’m still not getting your posts and a few others and have no idea why. I miss reading them but just tired of trying to figure it out. I hope you’re doing well and slowing down with the work load. Blessings to you my friend.

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      • Did you go back in and re follow? I have had that happen before. Eww gum surgery. Been there done that and it’s not comfortable at all! Nah, workload never slows down. I am so stupid, I just take on more. But, I am very disciplined about taking my days off now, which is a change. That makes the rest of the week much better. I even turn my phone off sometimes, or gasp…..don’t every carry it with me!


  2. Everything shows I’m following you but I don’t get any notices that you’ve posted. I’m glad you’re taking time for you and family and yeah, throw the phone out the door. lol


  3. I just found a “follow” on your Yep post when my comment came up approved and clicked on it. I’m now suppose to get an e-mail when you post. We’ll see. 🙂


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