The Medicine Cabinet

What’s in your Medicine cabinet?

New Hope for Dry Bones

I remember, when I was much younger, seeing some show on TV that showed people snooping through other people’s medicine cabinets.  I can’t recall any details of the show but it involved someone getting mad at someone for looking inside their medicine cabinet.

Then, of course, they looked in someone else’s medicine cabinet and thought it was fine.

Well, I got the idea that looking in medicine cabinets must be the thing to do.  So I started snooping around in them.  Usually there was toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair spray, combs, bobby pins and hemorrhoid cream.

I didn’t understand what all the to do about looking into the medicine cabinet was all about and lost interest.

Still, if I have company over and they are in the bathroom a little too long, I get uncomfortable thinking they may be in there snooping through the medicine cabinet.

See, when I invite someone over…

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