I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “A Jesus Encounter”

A Jesus Encounter

Entering the wide glass doors brings the woman into a whole new environment. The entrance is clean and friendly and glancing around one can see a modern, well-kept facility.

A long hall meanders off to one side of a large living space with comfortable chairs and couches. Another long hall winds toward a sitting around where games and Television can be enjoyed. Each hall is lined with doors and each door has a name and picture of the one who occupies the space behind the door.

Walking briskly down one hall the woman gently knocks on the door hoping she isn’t disturbing the occupant of the room. “Come in” is softly heard through the door. She opens the door slowly and steps inside.

Sitting in a recliner is an aged woman. Her smile lights the room as she enthusiastically greets her visitor, the one she calls her angel. The elderly woman stands with outstretched arms, “Give me a hug,” she states and her arms enfold her visitor.

Taking a seat they chat. The visitor can’t help but love this woman even though they have only been acquainted a few months. When she looks at her she sees Christ within her. Her soft-spoken, loving voice is like a soft melody floating through the air. Her graciousness and love for Christ is so evident it almost brings tears to her visitor.

So often we read in God’s Word how we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. This woman seems to love everyone, regardless of their physical or mental health. Each visitor is welcomed with love.

She speaks kindly of those in the community she now lives in. Her laughter is joyous, and although her eyes don’t always sparkle His light shines through them.

The visitor rises to leave after their short visit. She doesn’t want to tire her precious friend. Hugs are in order again as the elderly woman takes hold of her walker and walks her visitor to the door.

As the woman slowly walks down the long hallway toward the entrance of the Assisted Living and Memory Care Home she thinks, I have just encountered Jesus.


Matthew 5:16 -“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”


We have all met people of all walks of life and there are few that we know of their life stories. We often wonder what is in the heart of those with the sour expressions, the harsh words, and seem to be angry just for breathing. There are others we meet that seem to shine. Their faces are aglow and their smiles infectious, and their joy seems to just bubble up. Then there are those that are somewhere in between. We call those, “Normal,” or maybe even “Christian.” For those of us that have had the absolute pleasure of meeting someone that shines the light of Christ in what seems to be all they do and say, we are truly blessed. The Lord has said in His word to let His light shine through us. We don’t necessarily have to say a word and people can see His light within us. Our goal must be to let our words be His words, our love of others like His love for us and  our behavior as His. Our hope should be that when others encounter us they will see Christ in us and walk away thinking, “I have just seen Jesus.”





2 thoughts on “I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “A Jesus Encounter”

  1. I volunteer in an assisted living facility, and I know people like that. I pray to become a person like that to others, to glorify my Father in Heaven.


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