I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “The Heavenly Courtroom”


The Heavenly Courtroom

No jury sits in this court room. No spectators fill the room. You won’t hear whispers echoing across the aisle. The silence is almost deafening.

Only four people will be in this trial. At one table, facing the Judge is the Defense Attorney and the accused. To their left stands another table with the prosecutor facing the Judge. He has a stack of papers lain neatly in front of him. The Defense attorney’s table is bare.

The Judge sits high above the rest of the room. His eyes focus on the defendant. The defendant’s hands are locked together in front of her and her knees knock together slightly. Her Attorney leans over and gently bumps her shoulder with His. He gives here a wink and then focuses back on the Judge.

The accuser stands straight, cocky like. His eyes are fire and his hand rests on the stack of papers. He glances over at the defendant and shivers shoot up her spine. With an evil smirk he has an expression of confidence.

A voice booms across the room, coming from the Judges bench. “State your case Satan!” God’s voice is so powerful the defendant’s knees almost give out from under her. Jesus gently takes her by the elbow to steady her.

Satan picks up the stack of papers and begins reading the accusations. “This is a contract her grandfather signed! Before she was born she was mine!” He slaps it on the table and raises another. “This is the promise her father made before she was even out of the womb!” He slams it down and rattles yet another.

She nervously glances at her Attorney.

Satan doesn’t stop. One paper after another he waves in the air and shouts what his claim to her is that’s stated on each of the contracts.

This is more than she can bear. She had no idea that people make contracts with the devil and literally give him and his demons legal rights to control that person. She needs to sit down!

Her Attorney listens quietly. He’s as cool as a cucumber. He leans toward her and whispers, “Trust Me.” Trust Him? Oh she does, but she also wants to climb right up under those long white robes and hide.

Satan is screaming and demanding that she is his. “Here are the contracts to prove it,” he hollers as drool and slobber splatter out of his mouth. The Judge looks intensely at the defendant. Her mouth goes dry.

Satan begins to yell, “She’s mine!” Jesus leans a bit in front of her and points his long index finger at Satan, “Enough!” She wants to hug Him, She wants to cheer and dance over to Satan and slap him! The Judge looks at her and compassionately says, “What do you have to say about all this My child?”

She swallows at least 10 times in order to get the words to come up out of her throat. Finally a squeak comes out and she clears her throat and speaks. “Father God, Your Majesty, on Oct.3, 1993 I gave my life to Jesus. I believe He shed His blood for my sins, I believe He died and arose and is Your Son. I asked Him to be my Savior and to come into my heart and my life. I have tried to be as obedient as I can be. You said that if we confess our sins and believe in our heart that Jesus is Your Son then we are saved. I believe that Father, I mean God, I mean your Honor.”

She swallows hard and takes a deep breath then continues. “I didn’t just ask Him to be my Savior I gave Him my whole life to do with as He pleases. I gave Him me! I know I still sin and I’m sorry but I…” She senses her Lawyer looking at her and when she looks up His radiant smile and the compassion and the love shining in His eyes leave the rest of her words stuck in her throat. She shuts her mouth.

Looking at her Attorney, hoping she hasn’t screwed up her case by babbling, tears stream down her face. Jesus reaches over and with His thumb gently wipes the tears off her cheeks. Satan has started dancing from one foot then the other. Then he begins waving the stacks of papers and begins sputtering unintelligible words.  He begins accusing Jesus.

The Judge holds out His massive hand and says, “Give those papers to me!” He commands. Apparently Satan thinks he’s won. He fairly scoots across the floor happily to the Judges bench and hands them to Him. Father God holds the stack of contracts out in front of Him and without looking at them, begins ripping them in half then ripping them again and again. Satan is screaming. He’s going ballistic.

Father God commands him to back off and shut up. Satan does. The Almighty Judge looks at His Son, “My Son, do you have anything to say?” Jesus looks at His client, smiles, places an arm around her shoulder, and replies, “My child is not guilty by reason of I love her more than she’ll ever know. My blood was poured out for her. My blood washed her sins away. She is in Me and I am in her. There is no question she has been redeemed.” Jesus gives her shoulder a soft squeeze.

God leans forward. His eyes are intense. He first looks at Jesus, then at Satan, and finally at her. He picks up the large gavel and suddenly slams it down. “Not Guilty!” booms across the room rattling the windows. Satan goes into a fit of rage but as soon as Jesus turns toward him and points that index finger at him Satan stops hollering and slinks out the door.


Job 1:6  – “One day the members of the heavenly court came to present themselves before the Lord, and the Accuser, Satan, came with them.”


There really is a spiritual heavenly court. I have been in it three different times with Jesus defending me against the legal rights my grandfather gave to Satan before I was conceived. Almighty God is the Judge. Jesus Christ is my Defender and Satan is the accuser. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, Father God will find you not guilty every time Satan accuses you!








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