I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “The Whispered Prayer”

The Whispered Prayer

The drive has been long and tiring but her purpose is genuine. Cutting through the traffic the woman has difficulty concentrating on her driving as she finally pulls into the hospital parking lot and makes her way to her husband’s room.

The calls for Doctors over the P.A. system can be heard as she steps onto the elevator, and people crying in waiting rooms are ignored as she rounds the corner.

Walking past the nurse’s station she finally makes it to room 302 and gently pushes the door open. Her husband is asleep on the long narrow bed with its silver rails raised high on each side.

The T.V. has a game show playing with the volume turned low. She stands by her husband’s bed looking down at the drawn face, the life-giving plastic lines going from I.V. bags into his body and a tear silently slips down her cheek.

Quietly taking a seat she looks up at the T.V. The program has changed and a sitcom about an angel helping others is playing. She reaches for the remote control and turns the volume up just a little so the sound doesn’t disturb her sleeping husband.

She’s fascinated by the program she’s watching. No nurses come in to disturb them as she continues to watch and near the end of the program a tear escapes down her cheek. “God, if you are real, will you send an angel to help my husband,” she whispers and clicks the T.V. off.

Unbeknownst to her a Man has been standing near her watching as the tears slide down her cheeks. He watches as she whispers her prayer knowing she doesn’t realize she has prayed and has reached out to Him.

“I will prove to you child that I am very real. Just believe.” He tells her.

But she isn’t listening.


Mark 5:36 “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid, only believe.”


Life is difficult no matter what we do or where we go or what we encounter. So many times we seek advice from others or rely on our own knowledge. There are times that we have to buckle up and ride the waves of life and at times we feel there is no life line to cling to. Our minds get set on certain things and our God is trying to help but we just aren’t listening. As Christians we have spiritual ears as well as His Holy Spirit indwelling us, but we tend to lean on our own understanding and try to muster up the strength to handle the situation at hand or the circumstances we find ourselves in. God speaks to His children, as well as non-believers, yet so many ignore that still small voice that speaks to them. If we turn to Him and listen, He will bring us through the tough times as well as guide us through all situations. He will laugh with us, shed tears with us, and rejoice with us. His blessings are all around us and it gives Him great pleasure to pour out those blessings if we will just turn to Him and believe. Tune into Him and life’s challenges can be easier to wade through. He came to give us life more abundant and to ease our way in the tough times. If you will only believe He said, “Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)






3 thoughts on “I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “The Whispered Prayer”

  1. Oh, SO true! So many prayers spoken; so many eyes and ears closed. He wants a RELATIONSHIP with us, and He has so much to give. Let us open ourselves to Him, receive Him, let Him in.

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  2. That was me, Kathy, when my husband was sick. And 13 days after he went to be with the Lord I got saved and the Lord has not stopped proving to me just how real He is.


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