I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “Risking it All”


The moon is partly hidden in the dark sky. The crew is sound asleep after a hard day’s work. Snores fill the fire fighters rooms and dreams flicker through their minds.

The blare of the fire alarm brings all snapping to attention and jumping from their bunks they don their gear quickly and with much practice. While slamming a helmet on their heads they race to the big red fire truck.

Kevin jumps behind the wheel and the Man slides in beside him. He flips a switch and the air is filled with the scream of the siren as Kevin maneuvers the big rig out onto the street. They scream through the silent dark streets and arrive at a house engulfed in flames. The crew rush to pull the hoses out of their compartments, others hook them to nearby fire hydrants and truck tanks. Commands are shouted and men go about their task of saving a home as best they can like busy ants on an important mission.

People have come to stand on their porches clad in night gowns and pajamas. Someone shouts, “There’s a baby inside,” as the mother screams and tries to get to the inflamed door of her home. The heat pushes her back and she falls to her knees sobbing.

Kevin sucks in a breath and shouts, “I’m going in!” The Man grabs his arm and states, “I’m going with you!” Kevin nods and the two of them rush into the burning inferno.

The cry of a child can barely be heard over the roar of the fire. Visibility is almost nil and the Man shouts, “I’ve got your back. The baby is over there.” Kevin crawls through the dense smoke toward where the Man pointed and finds the child. Together they rush through the room and down the stairs just as the roof caves in inches behind them.

The crowd cheers as the mother screams and runs full speed toward Kevin and the Man as they exit the blazing house. She grabs her coughing, crying baby as the E.M.T. places an oxygen mask over the baby’s face.

“Thank you Jesus,” she cries while placing her baby on the ambulance gurney.

The Man looks at her and smiles, “Your welcome,” He states and gives Kevin a high-five.


Philippines 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


“I don’t need God!” “I can do this myself!” These are a couple of common statements that many make without thinking. We as humans do not realize that we can do nothing without God. Every breath we take is because He has ordained it and can take it away at any second of any day. We may not be fire fighters that risk their lives rushing in to save someone in a burning building, or a police officer that stands in the line of fire every time he or she steps out of their vehicle, or an Emergency Medical Technician that can contract who knows what from treating someone on the side of the road. We all need Christ by our side helping us through the decisions and tasks of everyday living. If you haven’t asked Him to be your Lord and Savior, do so now. Your next breath may be your last.











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