Why Are Christians Silent On Prophecy And God’s Wrath

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

We all know the prophetic words regarding the wrath of God in the Bible. But very few will speak about or teach about it, as it relates to our world today. Those who do are labeled as crazy or hateful. But one cannot ignore all the signs given us today as anything but the coming wrath of God. Man attempts to say we are in control and if we only adopt climate change we can fix the world. Or we can cure poverty by taking from the rich, or we can cure disease, or keep deformities away by killing the unborn. Well guess what man is not in control God is and we had better pay attention.

The last few days show that the media is in a frenzy. Not about the lies, suffering,persecution or the killing of Police Officers,not about killing babies or the darkness attacking America but about…

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2 thoughts on “Why Are Christians Silent On Prophecy And God’s Wrath

  1. Whew , what a powerful lesson. TY :))

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