Using Others Thoughts

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Running along the trail, his footfalls resound upward and leave a deep resounding thump, thump, thump like a drum beat in a cave. The birds stop their singing and take flight as he lifts his head and screams, “Why God? Why?”
Suddenly dropping to his knees, his fingers dig into the damp soft ground and sobs rip through him from a heart that seems to have shattered into a million pieces. Feeling exasperation and anger, Brian flings his arms heavenward with shaking, clenched fists. He yells to God, “How can you love me? You can’t when you let this happen!” Falling face down, Brian sobs into his folded arms. The still of the forest absorbs his cries.
Brian lies on the cold damp ground confused, frustrated, brokenhearted, and doubting how God could ever love him.
This true story is available at:
All proceeds from sales support Elah Ministries, Inc.


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