I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “A Hidden Agenda”

Spring has sprung rendering its beauty with the trees full of blossoms, the flowers in bloom, and the birds chirping their happy songs. The peace and tranquility of this small neighborhood is suddenly disturbed on this quiet afternoon. One can hear the sound of a woman in pain.

The neighbors have complained because of her raucous behavior. The police have been called numerous times, but no one seems to be able to stop the woman from her rantings.

She stands in her yard and screams obscenities at people as they pass. Children are shuffled into their homes, and the adults shake their head in disgust and frustration. Hospitalization helps her for a time. The medications render her a zombie leaving her walking in a daze so she stops taking them.

The diagnosis has been deemed to be a mental illness and with proper medication she seems fine. But beneath the surface something else is at fault but no one wants to address it.

Once again as she stands at the edge of her yard and screams profanities when she suddenly sees a Man approach. He looks at her intently. Her ranting ceases.

The Man takes a step closer to her, she fearfully steps back. A hidden part of her knows who this Man is and is afraid. The hidden part is what causes her problems. The Man addresses the hidden part and with all Authority given to Him by the Father, He commands, “Come out of her!”

Her mouth opens and the evil spirit pleads with the Man. “We know who You are. Don’t make us leave.”

“Come out!” The Man forcibly demands and the woman is suddenly shaking violently and drops to the ground.


Luke 8:29 “For He had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For it had seized him, and he was kept under guard, bound with chains and shackles; and he broke the bonds and was driven by the demons into the wilderness.”


We can break the bonds and chains of oppression, depression, and just plain old “stinkin’ thinking” by using the power and authority that Jesus Christ has given His children. The mind is the playground for the enemy of God; the devil. The tendency to overlook the spiritual aspects of some mental illnesses is an injustice to the victim. Prayerfully, we must welcome the insight and revelations that the Lord will give in these circumstances. Seek Him and He is faithful to reveal the root cause.






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