Shoot That Donkey!

The support groups were going so well that we had to form another group. The Lord was really pouring out His healing and women were being set free. The Angels by Grace magazine was gaining more and more popularity and one day I received a request from a woman prisoner to come visit her. I did!

Now I had never been to a county jail, as an inmate or a visitor, and I wasn’t feeling too secure about this visit. When I prayed the Lord said He would be with me so that made all the difference in the world.

When I got there I was guided to a small cubby hole like deal with a chair on my side and a glass between her and I. Thank you Lord for glass! We chatted for a minute and then she told me the Angels by Grace was being read in a group of women and some of the women had accepted Christ as their Savior, including her. I was flabbergasted and got all teary eyed. It still blows me away how the Lord will use us in ways we never dreamed of!

I need to digress here for a minute.

I was 54 years old when I asked the Lord to be my Savior. Up to that point nobody could mention God to me. I would chew them up and spit them out without a moments notice. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with a God that would allow the things that I survived to happen. I must have been very much like Balaam in the Bible. He was an angry man and he was sinful! I wasn’t any angel either and I held a lot of anger inside. Had I been walking along with a donkey heading to get in trouble and that donkey suddenly stopped and started talking to me, I would have been looking under bushes and around trees to find the ventriloquist and having not found anyone shot the donkey! Nobody talked to me about God, not even a donkey without feeling my wrath! (You can read about it in Numbers 22:22-40)

I have since learned that the Lord and His Holy Spirit does not give up on us. He accepts us right where we are but He will not leave us in our disgusting, evil state. And yes, when we are in the world without Him we are evil and disgusting. Enemies of God. I was no different and looky, looky, what the Lord has done! Praise, honor, and glory all goes to Him because I was not an easy case, if you want to know the truth.

Back to writing……….

I’ll meet you here next time.


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