The Juicy Stuff

Yesterday was an exciting day. Not just because of the small herd of deer that were in my back yard enjoying the corn I put out for them but being in church, and listening to a testimony from one of the congregates, that also mentioned, “Sue, our new visitor, has written some books.”

I was surprised to say the least. I’ve only visited three times and the Lord has confirmed to me that this is the church He wants me to worship at now. I miss the people from my last church but am glad I’m not having to drive the 30 miles to go there.

I had carried one book in to show the pastor yesterday and had a couple more in the car. By the end of the service I sold two books just like that. No effort on my part other than having one available in hand and someone mentioning I have published books. (besides me, that is)

Word of mouth is another great way to sell our books. My first book I took with me to my Mammogram appointment and sold the first  book I had ever written, just like that, to two people.

If we let people know we are writers and have written a book, they are naturally curious. Have a couple handy to be able to show them and you may have a sale. I mentioned writing with some new acquaintances at a lunch one day and sold four books right out of the backseat of my car.

Of course we advertise on social media but word of mouth sometimes goes much faster than someone hunting it up on a computer. Its much like gossip, the “juicy stuff” travels fast. 🙂


Come on back – More excitement to come.


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