“You wrote my Story”

A Writer's Corner

Writing Grace Defined was quite an experience. The story begins during World War 2 so a little research had to be done. I could draw on some of the stories my parents told about that time in history. I could mention there were ration stamps because I have some in my scrapbook. (I was born during the depression) I knew about the factories because my Dad worked in one back then.

The story began to flow as the words filled my mind. I also knew what it felt like to have some atheist views, although I never claimed to be an atheist, I am familiar with that disbelief, as I am now familiar with the Christians beliefs since I am one.

I am also familiar with an unbelieving, manipulative, controlling, Dad. So this story, an atheist father and a Christian mother,(although my mother was not a Christian) with four screwed…

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