Curiosity Killed the Cat

A Writer's Corner

I’m just curious. No, I’m not a cat, but, how many Bible believing, Jesus followers, saved by grace through faith, Born again Christians believe that the Bible was inspired by God, was written by Him, through His Apostles?

I hear so many people give so many different excuses for not believing there is a God or the Bible. “There might be a God, no, there isn’t a God, well, the Bible has been translated so many times it’s just a bunch of stories and who knows if it is true or not? It was just a bunch of stories by a bunch of guys a long time ago, its all fantasy.”

I have even heard pastors say, “Its nice stories.” These are supposedly people who have been called “by God” to preach the truth of His word! How do people formulate these ideas and why? I don’t have all the…

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