Heat, Traffic, and Playing Tourist.

A Writer's Corner

As you have probably noticed I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. Well, there’s a reason for that but before I mention why, I have managed to be able to write a couple more chapters on the new book I’m writing.

I’m finding it easier to write early in the morning while my guest does her devotional, prayers, and Bible study. I did manage to get one chapter written early one morning because I was able to go to bed, fall asleep, and awaken at 6:00 a.m.

Then another chapter got written late at night after my guest went to bed and I was still wide awake. The story is definitely getting interesting and a couple of times I’ve stopped and said. “Huh? Where in the world are you taking this, Lord?” Of course the only answer I get, if I even get an answer is, “You’ll see.”

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