No Rest for the Weary

A Writer's Corner

I take that back! The Lord said to come unto Him and He will give the weary rest. Maybe I haven’t come close enough to Him because I’m tired. 🙂

Vacation was great and having my friend here for two weeks was work and fun. We spent the first week working in the yard in 95-98 degree heat until we just couldn’t take it anymore.

I can guarantee my water bill went up with the drought we’re in and all the showers and whirlies that were taken plus having to water a whole bunch of plants to keep them alive. But then we got to have what she called fun. I call playing in the dirt fun but she saw it more as work.

Our trip to South Georgia was nice (hot) and the trip to Tennessee was enlightening. (also hot) We caught the last two days of a Perry…

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