Moving Forward Regardless

A Writer's Corner

Wow, what a week-end! I hope you all had a great one. It’s been cold which means I hibernate and when I hibernate I need to be doing something besides hiding in my cave sleeping.

I have spent most of the week-end writing. Yaaay me, but I have also experienced a good bit of frustration in doing so. But frustration or not I must move forward regardless. We can’t just throw up our hands and yell, “I quit!”

One of my characters in my new novel is named Casey. She’s a nine year old girl and for some unknown reason I keep typing Corey.

I didn’t realize I was doing that and being quite pleased with myself after completing three more chapters it suddenly hits me like a bomb that I’ve been calling the girl Corey. Grrrrr

That means going back through the past three chapters to make all the…

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