I Am Outraged!

And you should be, too!

Relaxing in my recliner with a movie on the T.V. I was enjoying a mystery style movie and then of course all the commercials are stuck in there every few minutes leaving only about forty minutes of actual movie time.

Trying to ignore as many commercials as possible, I go to the pantry, get a microwave popcorn, pop it in the microwave, and when finished popping settle down to watch more of the movie when another commercial appears.

It’s a T-Mobile commercial showing various people in various activities. Have you seen it?

Suddenly 2 grown men appear and are KISSING – mouth to mouth before my very eyes. I wanted to puke!

Forget the movie! I stomped in here to the computer and wrote T-Mobile a letter!

If you would like to write or call and hopefully put a stop to this crap here’s the information:

T-Mobile Customer Relations

P.O. Box 37380

Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

If you are a T-mobile customer – call 611 (I’d cancel my service immediately if I had it)

Others- 1-800-937-8997

I hope T-Mobile will get a ton of letters and calls! This has got to stop!







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