Where Has My America Gone?

A Writer's Corner

Today has been a time of remembering when it seemed as though things were so much more simple than they are in today’s world. I remember riding my bicycle down the country road without fears of being snatched off the seat, leaving the bike wheels spinning in the dirt, because someone would sell me for a quick buck and someone’s perverted sex acts.

I remember playing dolls with my sister and busting into a marble game my brother and his friends were playing, swinging on an old tire swing, and riding behind my brother on his homemade cart while we sped down the hilly country road.

I remember when the murder of a baby was absolutely unthinkable, and illegal, when children were cherished and loved while in the womb, and a young girl pregnant from mistaking “puppy love” for the real love was frowned upon.

I remember hearing about what…

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