Where the Rubber Hits the Road

A Writer's Corner

May I back track just a bit. In past posts I have talked about how when we first start writing our first book we are thrilled, have stars in our eyes, and so many have $$$$$$$$ signs floating above their heads. The excitement is tangible!

I’ve also mentioned how, mainly younger people, look at me with awe in their eyes and voice at book signing events and say, “You’re a reeeeaaaal author!” In return I reach out my arm, with a large smile, a hidden giggle, and reply, “Yes, and you can even touch me.” I really get a chuckle when they actually do touch my arm. Make that a laugh out loud!

As I have also stated the publishing process has been taking it course with my new novel, Amy’s Quest, and I’ve been so anxious to get the cover design back. The thrill of seeing how the artists…

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