Waiting is Such a…

A Writer's Corner

Can we wait with grace? I wonder sometimes since we all have experiences in having to wait on or for something. We wait in line at the grocery store and get impatient when suddenly we see the person in front doling out fifty dollars in coins, mainly pennies and nickles. (I can hear the foot tapping just typing it)

We wait for traffic lights and get frustrated when the car behind blasts their horn because we didn’t move fast enough when the light turns green. “Why haven’t I heard if my manuscript was accepted?” And oh, what about waiting for medical test results to come back? “Is my thyroid okay?” “I sure hope that ‘big C’ biopsy comes back benign” while we chew our finger nails up to the elbow. “What’s taking so long just to let me know what my blood counts are?” I did that many many times…

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