Big Disappointment

A Writer's Corner

I promise not to go on a tyrant about this Covid-19 stuff but I am so sick of all the lies and deceit that is being spouted. “Masks are dangerous, – wear a mask constantly, – millions are dead from this virus, – it’s air born now, – no it isn’t air born, – shut down the churches because its caused from singing,” etc, etc, etc.

The CDC, WHO, The little “professional weasel” (Fauci) and others have finally admitted they have deliberately misrepresented, (to put it mildly,) the numbers of cases, deaths, causes, etc. These so-called “experts” have thrown the American people (especially the “sheep”) into an abyss so dark only God can dig deep enough to pull us out, for the sole purpose to fulfill an evil political agenda. (my blog, my opinion)

It has infected, not the virus, but the lies, everything we have ever stood for and…

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