Honey, You’re in the South!

What a fun day we have had. MOONSHINE FESTIVAL in Dawsonville, Ga., “just down the road a piece” from me was starting today and we went. Join us in a little afternoon fun…

That’s a real distillery
One of the craft booths had this pillow for sale.
Lots of old time cars and these “bubble” signs. (I guess that’s what you call them.) They had several tables and booths for auto parts, hub caps, etc. I guess they’re hard to find for some of these old classic cars.
That’s REAL moonshine fudge. Gerri tasted some Apple Pie Moonshine fudge. “Ohhh my, it does taste just like moonshine!” I wish I had taken a picture of her puckered up face. LOL She did buy some fudge but regular without the moonshine.
A man built this wooden car and it really runs. He must have used some scrap wood – notice the door that was used for the roof. I’m playing the obvious stow away.
I’ll bet that causes some heads to turn on the road.
Oh you’ll love this. Yes, that’s real eatable fudge. The lady said NOBODY will even sample the Biden fudge and that’s the 2nd batch of the Trump and she’s almost out of it, yet they both taste the same. Go Trump!
Just a cute Fall display for this craft booth that sold some jellies, jams, and whatever.
This is Trump territory and we could not, would not, pass up buying our favorite President’s flag to hang in my yard. I sure hope I don’t get my house egged but if I do, my good neighbor to my left will too because he wanted one, too. Every time Gerri and I see a Trump sign in someone’s yard we yell, “Good people!” Can’t say that about my other neighbor.
“Good people” live here. (My house)

I hope you enjoyed the festival and thanks for joining us in a fun day. See ya’ next time.







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