What Are Portals?

A Writer's Corner

Many have not heard of a portal, although there are different uses for portals. Webster’s Dictionary describes a portal as “a doorway or entrance, especially a large and imposing one.” Satan has a portal from the 2nd heaven right straight to our minds. I call it his invisible “tunnel” and it is a large and imposing one! He zooms right through it when he sees a sinful weakness in us to inundate us with his lies and accusations. But the good news is, through prayer it can be closed, locked, and sealed!

Christ has a portal, too, right straight from His Throne in heaven to our hearts. As soon as we confess our sins and ask Him to enter our hearts and be our Lord and Savior His Holy Spirit “zooms” right smack into our heart faster than we can blink our eyes. Praise be to God, we are heaven…

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