“…They shall follow like sheep…”

Note: This was given to me by the Holy Spirit 7-26-10 and it sure seems worthy to repeat with all that happened today with this phony inauguration and this past year. Listen closely for the Lord has spoken.


“When those who refuse to turn from their sins there is a price to pay. It is society that allows the leaders of their countries to take control. They shall follow like sheep or stand as warriors protecting and guarding the rights of my children. If they follow those who look not to the Lord Almighty they shall perish in their ignorance for those who know me their eternal life is not in jeopardy. It behooves my children to hold the leaders of their country responsible for their actions. (emphasis mine)

Take heed leaders your leadership shall be judged. (emphasis mine) Follow not the creeds of the world. Eternity is not based on worldly creeds although whom you choose to follow will determine your eternal destination. There are those who believe there is no hell. Follow the path that leads you there and you shall have a rude awakening, which shall be too late to turn back. Once the gate is before you, you shall see the blazes with Satan welcoming you. It pleases him to be the host of his party and you shall eat at his table, not mine.

Repent ye people who follow the wide road. Repent leaders and seek my face for I am the Shepard. I shall not lead you astray.”







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3 thoughts on ““…They shall follow like sheep…”

  1. This is a good word for all of us Sue. Every year I seek a word from the Lord to guide me according to the Lord’s theme for my life. This year that word was “Separate” and the verse that goes with that is from 1 Cor. 6:17. I sense that it is time for me and I believe the church in general to separate from the earthly system and to be about its business of souls. Our culture will succumb to the prophetic word, but individuals can still be rescued from what is to come by us pointing them to faith. My heart has been pulling back from all political parties and moving more into the realm of Kingdom concerns.

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