Now Congress Opens With a Prayer To Hindu God Brahma: Remember KALI on the Empire State Building? Is It any Surprise That the Fierce Judgment of God is Against Us?


Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Yes, brethren – Congress has opened with a prayer to a demonic Hindu God.

Almost six years ago, NYC celebrated the killing of the innocent babies by shining the image of Hindu Goddess KALI – Goddess of Destruction; also known as “The Dark one” and “She who is Death.

Brahma is the “Creator God” in Hinduism. Satan must be ecstatically happy that the U.S. is recognizing a Hindu “creator” but not our God of the Universe and of the Bible!


From Who is Lord Brahma HERE

Original Article about KALI:

God will NOT be mocked!

The powers that be in NY glory in their unthinkable rulings on…

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