Why I’m Not Getting The Vaccine

Freedom Through Empowerment

First let me say the obligatory, “I not an anti vaxxer.”  While my faith in government and public health authorities has been utterly destroyed this past year due to their collective horrible pandemic response, I believe vaccines as a whole have brought us miraculous benefits.  I also think, at this point, the people who are vulnerable to a bad case of Covid should get the vaccine and that those of us who are not should not feel pressured to do so.

So What’s My Beef With These New Vaccines?

1.  Based on my age, health and lifestyle, my chances of suffering a severe bout of Covid, let alone death are very small. Injecting experimental drugs in to my body to combat a virus I stand a 99.98% of surviving doesn’t just seem absurd, it is.

2.  Not one of the vaccines are FDA approved.  They have Emergency Use Approval…

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One thought on “Why I’m Not Getting The Vaccine

  1. I hope people read the whole post because what you say makes sense.

    I just had my first Astrazeneca vaccine three weeks ago. Being a senior citizen with an immune system disorder and the enduring guardian old my 95 year old father left me not much of a choice. I did hope I wouldn’t need it living in a covid free area but my Dad isn’t. We also have some tourist that don’t give a hoot… Good post, Sue.

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