In the Blink of an Eye

By Sue Cass

The streets are filled with people going about their every day tasks. Children are in school with teachers that are as disillusioned as the rest of society. The government has stepped in and set the rules for teaching, preaching, and living, leaving faces downcast, empty stomachs growl, groceries are scarce, the homelessness fill alleys, depression is prevalent, suicides are up, and hopelessness permeates the homes, schools, streets, and businesses.

Mary Lou slowly walks through a park. She’s doing all she can to stay hopeful and filled with joy in spite of all that is going on around her. She stops and watches a small bird fill it’s beak with grass clippings. It stops for a moment and looks at her before flying up to a tree branch and busily adds to the small nest she’s creating. Her home for when the babies are to come.

Mary Lou smiles and thinks of the verses she read in the Bible that speak of how if God takes care of the birds and they have no worries and how much more will He take care of His children. She watches as the little bird flits back down to the ground and hops near the grass edge. It fills its beak with dried grass and flies back to her nest to add her treasure.

Walking along she feels a little better. A squirrel darts across her path and stops to look at her. Standing on its hind legs it chatters at her and she hears whispered in her ear, “Stop worrying.” The squirrel then darts off and up a tree trunk. Mary Lou whispers, “You’re right Mr. Squirrel. I need to stop worrying.”

Late in the day as she ponders more birds, squirrels, and even a duck gliding across the lake with her ducklings. She gazes at the duck, smiles at the cuteness of the seven or eight ducklings following their Mama and then looks up at the sun going down through the trees. She steps to the edge of the lake to get a better view of the sunset and stands in awe of the beauty God has created.

Stepping over to a park bench she takes a seat and lowers her head with eyes closed and prays, “Lord, thank you for showing me your creation and the beauty you have created. You have shown me that whatever is going on in this crazy world that you still care, that you are still with me, and that I’m not to worry and to trust you. You promised to take care of your children and I am one of your kids, so please keep your promise. You said we are to look to eternity, not the present.”

As Mary Lou prays, her prayer is suddenly disrupted by a loud trumpet sound. The sky has turned dark, the air is filled with a power she has never felt before, and suddenly a white horse with a Rider appears high in the sky.


In the blink of an eye Mary Lou is standing on streets of gold. Her hopes, dreams, and faith has ushered her into the very presence of the Most Holy High God.


Into the Light Ministry

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