The moon is hidden behind the dark clouds of the night. The sounds of the jungle scream of danger as men crawl on their bellies through thick brush and brambles, mud and bugs. One man looks to his right to see if his comrade is still beside him at a short distance. The comrade gives him a slight nod letting him know he’s okay.

Slowly, methodically they inch their way forward, not knowing what the next second, minute, or hour will bring. Their heavy gear weighs them down as they tighten their grip on the big gun held tightly in their hands. The crack of a twig sounds like a bomb has exploded and both men stop, hold their breath, and close their eyes praying this is not their last breath.

At home their children are in their beds and dreams of Daddy float through their minds. Women are kneeling beside their beds praying fervently that their husband, brother, father is safe and that the Lord has His hand upon them keeping them safe and will bring them home soon – alive.

The city lights are glowing across the streets of downtown in the big cities as angry shouts fill the air. The young people who have been indoctrinated to hate all that is good, all that is sacred, have gathered in protest against those who are sacrificing their very lives to give them that freedom to spit on those who are fighting for them, those who race to the scene of their car accident to render them medical help, and when facing down the barrel of a gun they quickly dial 911, and yet tonight they are yelling to de-fund those very men and women who race to save their lives.

The men and women who sacrifice their lives are being demonized as the great enemies of our country. How sad, to know that lives are lost in war, in crime, in accidents due to careless drivers, and yet what is good is now evil. What a shame that we, as Americans, have lost sight of how God has blessed our country, our people, our businesses, our education, children, and families. How sad we have stepped aside and forgotten those who have died to keep us free and safe, how they and God are being tossed aside by political agendas of greed for power and money.

Our country was founded on Christian values and yet it is the Christians that have stood silent through the making of laws that allows murdering our babies. Laws that have thrown traditional, God ordained, marriage out the window, laws that have given man power to regulate and deregulate our very rights to believe and practice our beliefs.

Oh how those families of all who died for our freedoms must grieve, oh how God must shed many tears in the face of the atrocities that His children and mankind are blatantly promoting, doing, and ignoring. Oh how, we as His church, need to hang our heads in shame for we are accepting the atrocities of the world and shrugging our shoulders while whispering, “Not much I can do about it. It’s just the way things are.”

For the families, the soldiers, all who serve to guard, protect, and respond, and who serve, I ask for your forgiveness for the lack of appreciation and gratitude for all you do to keep us free and safe, and that may our Lord and Savior keep you safe at home, in the streets, and afar. May His peace and love fill you throughout today and all your days. May His mighty hand be upon you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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