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“In Jeremiah’s time society was deteriorating economically, politically, and spiritually. Wars and captivity dominated the world scene. God’s Word was deemed offensive.” (Commentary From Jeremiah 2 NIV)

Economically America was shut down due to the democratic party’s socialism/communist agenda and still has not recovered and yet this administration is touting another complete shut down to accomplish their evil purposes; greed and power hunger.

Politically we have the most corrupt administration in office in the history of the United States. They no longer hide their evil but do it openly and proudly knowing they can get away with it because the corruption is very deep and very wide spread. There is no shame or guilt for the evil they perpetuate. Crimes against humanity are totally ignored.

Spiritually people have turned away from God or have totally rejected Him for the evil ways of the world. Satan worship is the highest it has been in many years. Babies, the most innocent of all humans, are being tortured, slaughtered inside the womb, and even more evil than that, they are born alive and then slaughtered for body organs and left to die. And what’s worse than that? It’s deemed “necessary” and a-okay as well as hell bent on promoting this premeditated murder by this administration!

Homosexuals have been allowed to bring law suits resulting in legalizing what God has deemed “abnormal and an abomination.” Now they can kiss in public, flaunt their sin, and get “married.” Transgender is now the popular disgusting sin that is not only a mental disorder but is being forced on young children by abusive parents and a sick society. These children, as young as 4 years old are being told they can have/will have sex changes “if they want them.” “God made a mistake.” Children are now being told they are neither a boy nor a girl but an “it.” Schools and libraries are promoting the transgender agenda as “normal.” Masturbation is being taught to kindergartners! (Where’s the parents raising hell about all this?)

Wars have gone on for centuries. Israel alone has had attacks after attacks after attacks for years! America has been involved in several wars and it seems that now with terrorist in the forefront there is no end to the violence, along with Black Lives Matter and Antifa and other home grown terrorists terrorizing citizens, destroying cities and property and its all called “peaceful demonstrations.” Christians are being killed and persecuted all over the world. Jewish people are being harassed, beaten, and even killed with the spreading of antisemitism. And yet they want to leave families defenseless by outlawing all guns.

Our borders are unprotected due to an administration that welcomes every drug dealer, every sex trafficing monster, criminals of the worst kind are being welcomed into our great country. Children are being kidnapped, sold, and held hostage for sexual perversion and even worse evils. Diseases we can’t even imagine are being spread throughout our society from foreigners slipping through the borders. And yet screams and accusations of police brutality penalize the hero’s who put their lives on the line to protect us. Criminals are made “hero’s, and shouts to “defund the police” are loud and clear.

God’s Word (the Bible) is thrown into piles to be burned along with our flag. His name, Jesus, cannot be spoken in public places without threat of arrest or lawsuits. Churches are closed under the pretense of “protecting others”with the use and manipulation of a man made “virus” that is “more deadly than any other.” The Ten Commandments can not be displayed under the stupidity of using “Church vs State” as their excuse to rid America of our freedom of religion. Innocent people are being sued, not just by individuals but government’s, for not baking a cake, or designing a T-shirt, or refusing to photograph a gay “wedding.” Righteousness is a dirty word and a thing of the past for those who hate God, and we’re being told what we can say and what we cannot say.

We wonder why we are in the mess we are in when we are not only following in the very foot steps of the Old Testament Israelite’s but throwing God out of our schools, churches (many of them with “feel good” preaching), businesses, and homes.

In my book we have far surpassed the sins of the Old Testament Israelite’s and they paid a very high price when the Lord got sick and tired of it …

and so will America!

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