In the Darkness of Night

It was a dark night with only the moon shining slightly through the darkness. The birds are quietly sleeping tucked way in their nests. The lions slink about through the brush waiting for a rabbit, a rodent, a stray dog or cat; anything that might wet their appetite.

Sitting at the foot of a tall tree a man sits munching quietly on an apple. He gazes up at the moon through the dark branches of the trees. Crunch, crunch can softly be heard as he chews the last of his apple.

Not far from him is another man. He leans against a tree trunk sucking the sweet nectar from the stem of a Honeysuckle flower, waiting. Waiting for what? He has no gun so he isn’t a hunter. He has no bow and arrow so he isn’t out to kill in the silence of the night. Or is he?

The man tosses his apple core a few feet away and looks back up at the sliver of moon. He stretches his legs and folds them under him to get a better grip on the dirt with his gnarled pain-filled feet.

Its been a rough life since the accident but with faith, prayer, and perseverance he has made it through the grueling physical limitations. Now he can walk but with great pain. Taking hold of the tree trunk he rises slowly. Looking out through the forest he can barely make out images, mostly more tree trunks, brush, and bramble. He sucks in a pain-filled breath and takes a step forward while pushing himself away from the tree.

The man spits out his flower as he watches. His shoulders relax, he stands tall and alert. He can see the other man struggling and knows he’s in pain. He can tell by the grimace on his face. He watches without moving.

Pushing a branch to the side the man takes another painful step and stops. He glances around while cocking his head. He’s heard something. Breathing quietly he waits. Is it an animal? Is someone watching him, following him? He waits.

The other man shakes his head in amazement thinking, “he knows I’m here.” He stands perfectly still and barely breathing he waits. He watches as the limping man shakes off his suspicions and slowly moves forward. One step, another, then another. He stops and leans against a tree trunk. In pain, he thinks, “Can I make it?”

Moving slowly the other man moves cautiously toward the hurting man.

Snap. A twig pops loudly as he steps down on it.

The limping man has shivers run up his spine and stops. He’s alert; body, soul, and mind. “Is that you?” He yells into the darkness.

Silence is the only reply.

“Is that you?” he yells again and jumps when a hand touches his shoulder.

“I’m here,” the soft voice replies close to His ear.

The man gives a sigh of relief and leans into the man standing beside him.

“I’m here. Be healed,” The man states softly.

Poof, He’s gone.

Looking around in amazement and surprise, the man takes a cautious step. Then another step. Then he begins to move a little faster. No limp, no pain. A grin fills his face and with joy and excitement he suddenly races through the woods back to his village.

“I’m healed!” He yells, “I’m healed,” he yells loudly while running through the village waking all who sleep.

Crowds gather around a campfire as he tells them how he met the Lord in the forest. “I believed and with just two words, ‘Be healed,’ the Lord healed me.”

And all praise God.

#Healing #Jesus #God #Faith #Perseverance #Prayer

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