What Lurks Beneath the Covid Madness?

What Lurks Beneath the Covid Madness?

Insanitybytes22 has a fabulous post up called Cognitive Dissonance and Trauma? that discusses the mass psychological manipulation our government and public health officials have reigned down on us these past 20 months. It’s deliciously satisfying in the way it explains so much of what many of us have been feeling but might have had trouble putting in to coherent thoughts. In IB’s words:

“I think in part my own history has given me eyes to see the psy/ops, the psychological abuse being imposed on people over the past couple of years. I’m just more sensitive to it. It’s been triggering, it’s been traumatic to bear witness to. This is extreme psychological abuse, this is gaslighting, this is propaganda, this is abuse and trauma. This is fear based power and control.”

Yes, the gaslighting has been extreme and it’s caused significant harm by instilling such a level of fear in people that you see them doing the most preposterous things like, to paraphrase IB,” driving a motorcycle wearing a mask and no helmet.”

This may sound funny and it is, but it’s also a sign of severe cognitive dissonance and mental harm. There are millions of people like this who wear masks alone, outside, on the beach, park, in a car etc….. Why do people do this and follow other equally preposterous protocols?

There are a lot of reasons actually, which the video IB links to, “Why do People Believe the Covid and Vaccine Narrative” gets into. It’s a REALLY GOOD interview with a psychologist who explains how a constant drumbeat of fear can instill a learned helpless in people; causing them to question their own self agency and even sanity and to believe in just about anything the people doing this fear mongering tells them.

Anyone interested in the psychology behind why so many otherwise rational people have gone off the crazy cliff this past year should read IB’s post and watch the video.

It’s not just people wearing masks alone that alarms me, although I believe this represents the tip of the iceberg of severe and deep emotional trauma. It’s the divided society we’ve become due to the continual blaming and shaming messaging of those “bad people” who don’t follow “good corona” behavior. Those sickening phrases, “we’re all in this together, “my masks protects you, yours protects me, etc…repeated ad nauseam to cement in our heads that only bad people would think differently on masking, lockdowns, early treatment protocols, etc…

Nowhere has this demonization been more prevalent than with the vaccines though which is slowly creating a two tiered society of the clean and unclean. Texts like this one from a friend of mine are sadly becoming common.

It’s a real ugly mess that will take years to clean up.

Those who suffer most though are children who still are subject to the most ridiculous and harmful mitigation efforts like masking (even outside!) and forced isolation. It’s like it’s March of 2020 for these poor kids and we don’t know yet that they rarely have a bad Covid event and don’t even spread it much when infected.

The worst really is the forced vaccinations they are facing with experimental drugs that have no long term safety studies for a virus they statistically face a 0% chance of dying from. That to me is such an abomination, a dereliction to the extreme of our duty as adults to protect the young and just an outright symbol of the evil that has overtaken us.

Like a religion, we are sacrificing kids to appease the Covid Gods in hopes they will protect neurotic adults.It frightens me to think about how many parents are on board with this and what this means for society.

How did we get here as a country?

Circling back to IB’s post, the psychological abuse and gas lighting have played major roles in this. It’s pummeled people’s critical thinking process and opened the door to the worst types of manipulation.

A prime example is our Surgeon General’s Tweet on vaccinating his 5 year old son. How is this even legal? Anyway, it checks all the right gas lighting boxes; moral superiority, guilt tripping, implied euphoria if a certain behavior is followed, even a visual picture of religiosity. It’s appalling, disgusting and fascinating all at once.

That pretty much describes our Covidean world today.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General@Surgeon_General

Like so many parents, I was thrilled and relieved when my 5-year-old son got his #COVID19 vaccine last week. He was a little nervous when the time came but all smiles afterward. He’s been proudly showing off his “I’m vaccinated” sticker! [1/5]

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