The Dream (46.) Glory be to God!

I hope everyone had a safe and blessed celebration of Independence Day and now things are getting back to normal. I was pleasantly surprised this morning. Actually I was doing a real happy dance when I went over to the ministry home.

We’ve had several days of good rain and I was hoping the same happened at the ministry house. We may get rain at my house but that doesn’t always happen 14 miles away. Thankfully it did and I didn’t need to drag the hose out and water anything but of course I needed to pull a few weeds that insist on showing up.

Once finished I opened the carport door and stepped inside and let out a happy shout! The outdoor patio furniture is gone and a real living room sectional couch is in the living room! Glory be to God that other is gone! I happily sat my fanny on the new couch and leaned back and gave a huge sigh. It is comfortable and is real living room furniture!

Then another surprise – the broken sliding glass doors are thrown in the back yard waiting for a dumpster and have been replaced with new french doors. I’m almost beside myself with joy at seeing the patio furniture gone and new doors in their place.

Somebody has been busy for sure, which I wasn’t sure would happen since we had a three day week-end. This is the first time in over a week I have made the trip. My surgery is next week and of course all the pre-op stuff has to be taken care of and the post-op will take another week. Before that I hope to take the supplies and decorations we have over so others will not duplicate unnecessarily.

I am sooooo happy to be able to bring some really positive news and by the time I’m able to get back to reporting I’ll probably have even more.

Will the machines and wood cutting equipment be gone when I return? That would be really nice.

Blessings to you;

See ya next time, whenever that is.

Into the Light Ministry

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