“The Narrow Road” Book Review – Greg Holt


The Narrow Road is a must read story based on actual events. This is a gripping, passionate, and intense story of a young boy abandoned by his parents – resulting in tremendous heartache. “Brian’s” story is a story of painful trials, many questions and self-doubts. As Brian matures into a man and lives life on his own, he faces many setbacks and challenges – while at the same time meeting supportive and caring people who support and guide him through a sometimes-painful journey. This is a story of love, of meeting a loving God and trusting in Jesus to bring healing and hope.

The Narrow Road is a well-written book that will make you laugh, possibly shed a tear, and it will make you think – as well as rejoice. Regardless of our situation in life, there is always hope; when that hope is placed in Jesus Christ.

In the second half of this book, Sue’s story is a story of courage, of not giving up when the going gets rough as a newly minted Christian after accepting Jesus and being a brand new Christian with many questions is not only a great story, but also a guide for the rest of us. Whether one is a new Christian, or someone who has known Jesus for some time – Sue’s story and insights are a great help and a comfort.

I highly recommend this book; Sue Cass has outdone herself yet again. I read this book in one day. If you are looking for encouragement, a great story, a “God” story – or maybe a true story of love that includes Jesus Christ – you will find it all in this story.


Greg Holt
Editor and Publisher of The Olive Branch Report and Inspirational Christian Blogs


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The Paradigm – Jonathon Cahn

You gotta read this book!

This isn’t your usual review. I have asked the Lord many times, “How in the world did this country get where it is today?” He’s answering that prayer through Jonathon Cahn’s book and it’s blowing my mind!

I’m  only half way through the book and I’m asking myself, Have I lived in a cave all my life? What planet have I been living on? Have I had my head stuck in the sand? How come I didn’t know this stuff?

I have met Jonathon Cahn, I have heard him speak at various conferences, and have read his other books. This Godly, highly anointed, loving man is the real deal!

This book isn’t about Democrat’s, Republican’s or Independents or even non-believers, and believers. He isn’t pointing nasty fingers at anyone, just laying out the truth. His information comes straight out of Biblical scriptures and for me, it is knocking my socks off!

Every American should/must read this book! It is such an eye-opener as to how this country and our society has fallen so far and where we’re going.

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http://www.Christianbooks.com (it may still be on sale)