Building walls


What kind of wall are you building? Walls come in all shapes, sizes, and material. We also build emotional walls. They are built easily but can be very difficult to tear down. An emotional wall is built from hurt, frustration, anger, guilt, false beliefs, shame, bitterness, rejection, and un-forgiveness, to name just a few.

Growing up is difficult and with each hurt we encounter, it’s as though we pick up a stone, brick, or cement block and begin building our wall.IMGP2247

An angry scream from a parent can send a negative message and we place another cement block on the wall. Divorce places yet another, feelings of rejection builds the wall higher. Child abuse – oh my, we’ve put in place a towering wall of solid rock! One that only the Lord our God can bring down. With each infraction or perceived infraction, we pile more and more in our emotional storehouse of cement blocks.IMGP2248

We think, consciously or subconsciously, that by building our wall we are protecting ourselves from further hurt. What we are doing is attempting to control our immediate world. But sadly what we have done in reality is imprisoned ourselves. If we build the wall high enough, thick enough, and long enough then we have encased ourselves in darkness. No light can get in. Love is hindered on both sides of the wall.

The higher and longer our walls are, the more difficult they become to tear down. IMGP2250

The first step is to recognize that we have built a wall and begin to sort through what each cement block represents. Is this cement block put in place because of a particular incident that happened many years ago that maybe we forgot about?

If we go to the Lord in prayer He will reveal what is hindering us. I like to say that He is like a bright flashlight beam in a very dark room. He will light up the issue because when we dwell in emotional darkness it gets in His way of helping us to become whole, happy, and free.

Once the Lord has revealed what that part of the wall is then we confess it to Him. Un-forgiveness, many times, are several of those blocks that fortify our wall.  As we forgive and receive His forgiveness the wall begins to crumble one block at a time.


As each block is laid at the foot of the Cross the emotional aspects of our being become stronger and the wall becomes weaker.

The walls we build are not put in place by the One who is love and the God of Redemption. The enemy of God, Satan, does not want us to be all God created us to be and will do all he can to help to keep us in bondage. Walls bind us as tightly as though we had a series of heavy chains tightly locked around us.

There’s a song, I can’t remember the title, but some of the words are; “We are free to sing. We are free to dance. We are free to worship You.” That’s how God, through His Son Jesus Christ, wants us, free from the bondage of emotional walls to be able to sing, dance, and worship Him.


“In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by setting me free.” Ps. 118:5

Blessings to you. 🙂