And then…

Sitting outside on my back deck enjoying the cool morning breeze I see something move out of the corner of my eye. A flash of something crosses my patio. Looking to see what it was I don’t see anything at first.

And then …

A small black nose under two very alert black round eyes peak out from under the edge of a leaf of my large Hosta plant.

I sit very still watching.

And then……

A sudden movement and the critter darts across my rock garden and takes a seat on the cement edging. 

I’m thrilled! I immediately name him “Charlie” after the chipmunk that would eat seeds out of my hand several years ago. When he scampers back under the plant I go to the garage to retrieve a small cat dish I have had for some time and fill it with sunflower seeds.

And then…


He soon returns, finds his gourmet meal and fills his fluffy little cheeks. When full, he scampers off to his home under the deck.

Every morning and every evening I set out his buffet. It now has corn kernels and sunflower seeds. He loves both!

Watching him enjoy his buffet this morning I’m taking pictures of him when suddenly I hear a huffing sound off to my right. I look but see nothing.

And then…

The pounding of hooves splits the silence.

I wait.

And then…

the deer are back!

Three deer run past my deck towards the dinner dish I fill with corn kernels for them. They have been emptying it at night so I knew they were around.

I’m grateful I have my camera in hand as they run up the hill.

Two stop and look back. The one on the right stands looking at me with an expression of gratitude? I remember you? Where’s breakfast?

I say Good Morning softly to them.

And then…

They were gone.

Blessings to you.