He’s braver than I am!


It’s 26 degrees with a howling wind. It snowed last night and the streets have been covered in ice. The sun has made its appearance for the last couple of hours and has already melted most of the one inch deep white stuff in my yard. Thank you Jesus!

I hate cold weather. That’s why I live in the South. Sitting at my computer I glanced out my window. I can’t believe my eyes! “Mr. Henry” is sitting on my neighbor’s fence with his brown feathers being whipped about in the wind. Is he nuts? It’s cold out there!

He’s definitely braver than I am. “I’m not going out there to get a picture” is my immediate thought. But loving to capture rare moments I grabbed the camera and with the lens close to the window I was able to capture this beautiful Hawk through the blinds. I didn’t dare raise the blinds or it would scare him.

He let me take his picture and then flew off to entertain someone else.

“We shall mount up like eagles wings…” Okay, so he’s a hawk not an eagle but it reminds me of that scripture.

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Blessings to you and stay warm.