A Field Guide to the Practical Atheist

I see this as a challenge to all of us to check that mirror.
I re-blogged this from my friend, Benjamin Nelson.

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By Benjamin Nelson

There seems to be an uptick in the number of folks who self-indentify as atheists these days. Perhaps it is simply my perception because they are so vocal on social media.

But what disturbs me more than their presence and persistence in cyber space is the number of Practical Atheists that lurk in the Church.

What is a Practical Atheist you ask?

An atheist is one who believes that there is no God. A Practical Atheist (here forward referred to as PA) is one who lives as if there is no God. Many PAs claim to believe in God, but by all outward appearance it does not make any difference in their life.

As I was reading in the Psalms recently, I came across a few verses that helped me understand this phenomenon. It’s easy to miss this because where the Bible speaks of these PAs it does not…

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2 thoughts on “A Field Guide to the Practical Atheist

  1. True words Sue. Thanks for posting it 🙂

  2. Your welcome. True indeed.

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