10 thoughts on “God’s Little Sticky Notes

  1. I especially like the fourth quote. AND it shows how big a person thinks her God is, too! 🙂


  2. Very true. I think “…just report for duty” is my favorite. Have a great week-end. 🙂


  3. Wow.. Love this. Hope you don’t mind if I reblog!!


  4. Hi
    I really love the fourth one…..great post!



  5. Sue, all of these are great with a powerful message. You girls can come up with the simplest, cutest message that takes me a whole lot more words and I don’t say it any better, maybe not as good. Thanks for the post and have a great weekend!!!😀


  6. I really can’t take credit. I received those in an e-mail and thought they’d be great for the blog. Copied them and blessed to be able to share them. Seems everyone likes them. Yayyyy. 🙂


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