Who should read the Bible?


The young —- To learn how to live.

The Old —- To know how to die.

The ignorant —- For wisdom.

The learned —- For humility.

The rich —- For compassion.

The poor —- For comfort.

The dreamer —- For enchantment.

The practical —- For counsel.

The weak —- For strength.

The strong —- For direction.

The haughty —- For warning.

The humble —- For exaltation.

The troubled —- For peace.

The weary —- For rest.

The doubting —- For assurance.

The sinner —- For salvation.

The Christian —- For guidance.

Author unknown



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Blessings to you.

5 thoughts on “Who should read the Bible?

  1. The bible contains so many powerfully written stories. Everyone can learn from it.
    Thanks for the follow Sue.


  2. Thank you for writing this Sue. It’s good to be reminded about he word. The word is for everyone! Can I please share it?



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